A refugee from Burma called Pearl Htoo (played by Julie Cheung-Inhin) has move into Tidemill Academy school for the week. How did she get there? And what's her story?

The Visitor is a uniquely designed audio tour capturing the story of one refugee and how she came to arrive in Deptford. Thirty pupils and teachers are taken on an audio immersive tour around their own playground, tunnels are transformed into boats and ball courts into camp sites - as they learn about the harsh realities of some of the real people turning up in their neighbourhood today.

The work was carefully adapted to the school curriculum by Jack Brown, a full package of worksheets and activities are available. The Visitor can be adapted and reimagined for any school in any area. 

Produced: Anna Nguyen & Jack Brown 

Design by: Anna Nguyen 

In partnership with: Tidemill Academy 

Sound design: Benjamin Grant 

Actor: Julie Cheung-Inhin



Eight boxes have mysteriously appeared in the Lounge. However the problem is they are all locked! How do we open them?

Nine local traders old and new in the heart of Deptford. It started with a coffee 'What were their thoughts on the future of Deptford?' and then developed in to a set of quirky and entertaining podcasts. Through these stories I designed an interactive treasure hunt mapped to the high street of Deptford. Participants were led through the bustling market to obtain several brightly coloured keys belonging to each trader. Each Key unlocked a series of boldly decorated boxes to reveal an exhibition and trigger a their own personal podcast. We hope that those who came along took away a deeper understanding of Deptford and it's amazing community members that have made the area what it is today. 

Designed by: Anna Nguyen

Produced: Mingyu Lin

Residency: Hothouse / Deptford Lounge 



A fire burns to signal that we’re here. To show our numbers and celebrate our stories. To pass the torch from the past to the present, looking towards the future. British East and South East Asian artists of the North West are collaborating with New Earth Theatre to bring new perspectives to the streets of Manchester in a performance-led walking tour.

UK theatre touring companies join together in a time of crisis to return to the ‘original theatre’ – storytelling around fires – to celebrate our fundamental need as humans to gather, tell stories and make sense of the world around us, so that we can collectively reimagine the future.

This project will see new work written by: Houmi Miura, Chris Shapiro, Jasmine Chong, Mei Yuk Wong and Anna Nguyen, as well as an extract from In-Sook Chappell‘s 2018 play Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok.

Finale devised by New Earth Manchester Performers Academy:
Megan Arnold, Ivy Chui, Lesa DangMatthew KoonSamuel Rossiter and Tina Wong.

Beyond Chinatown is produced by Grace Ng-Ralph and Anna Nguyen with dramaturgy by Naomi Sumner Chan and direction by Nickie Miles-Wildin and Kash Arshad.

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