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Partners: The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster Sewing circle, East Meets West International women's group, funded by The Artichoke foundation and Arts Council England [Jan - June 2018]

Project outline: A three-month programme of drop-in workshops held at the theatre, the assembly of two major banners designed and created by the community, and participation of a the women's suffrage centenary national march, Edinburgh. 

Aims and objectives: To build genuine and lasting relationships between the community and the theatre, to foster a relaxed and creative environment where regular engagement is offered, to empower and equip members of the community in producing and project-management, through training opportunities delivered by the theatre.



Partners: The Dukes Theatre, Global Link [Refugee & Asylum seeker support organisation, June 2018]

Project outline: Facilitating a platform to showcase local talent from the Refugee/asylum-seeker community. Providing a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore creativity and expression. 

Aims and objectives: To identify those potentially interested in theatre and performance. To provide creative opportunities in writing, devising and performance. To develop a creative language amongst the refugee and asylum seeker community. As a result of this programme; Ali Mogwali produced his first play Nanji', which debuted at the event. 



Partners: The Dukes Theatre, East Meets West [International women's group], Ongoing Nov 2018 - 2019 

Project outline: To provide agency and ownership to the East meets west community group; by facilitating a culturally sensitive space for monthly all-women dance sessions, at the theatre.

Aims and objectives: To create a relaxed and culturally sensitive environment for women and children to be empowered through dance and movement. To continue building and strengthening existing relationships with this community and fostering deeper interest in theatre and performance. As a result, this led to further enquiries about our young people's programme from families within this community.



Partners: The Dukes Theatre, Director Kristine Landon-Smith, funded by The Granada Foundation and Arts Council England, Feb 2018

Outline: working with renowned headphone verbatim director Kristine Landon-Smith to train and produce a show exploring education on a local and global level. Artists and community leaders are introduced to this accessible and effective tool for theatre-making. 

Aims and objectives: To facilitate and deliver bilingual workshops in headphone verbatim. To identify and nurture performance leading to professional employment in the theatre To engage with artists of colour in the northwest and create work that reaches new audiences. 

Woman in Art Gallery



Partners: The Travelling Heritage Bureau, Community Arts North, Manchester Art Gallery, The Dukes Theatre, Sept - Oct 2018

Outline: As Manchester marked the centenary of women’s suffrage, a powerful collective of international female artists came together to create a pop-up, interactive trail in the Manchester Art Gallery.

Aims and objectives: Assistant producing; liaise closely with artists and partners for planning and delivery. To facilitate a stimulating and enjoyable experience for participants. To strengthen and empower female artists and challenge the representation of diverse voices within National galleries. 



Partners: The Dukes Theatre, Funded by Light up Lancaster, Nov 2018

Project outline: Through a series of artistic workshops, two highly skilled artists worked closely with the Chinese community of Lancaster and Morecambe to design and create a light sculpture reflecting the South East Asian identity. The outcome resulted in a sculpture called the 'Firemoon Dragon' made from recycled oil tins from local Chinese restaurants and silhouettes designed by the children. 

Aims and objectives: To deepen existing relationships with the local Chinese community and encourage further engagement with the theatre's programme. To build and implement performance based work with the community.

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