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"Theatre is a visual and vicereal megaphone, its an intense journey with strangers who become family, it's discovery, its possibility and empowerment"

God composed the body that there should be no divide in the body, but the same care for one another. If they were all one member, where would the body be?

Unity and Diversity

So who am I? And what is my work about? Since the age of 7, I was captivated by the power of theatre from a simple TIE show that toured our local primary school. My parents were Vietnamese boat people, so we had little opportunity to engage with Arts and culture. However, it just so happens to be the most prominent language in our family today. 

I grew up in a transcultural landscape of rice and roast potatoes, this has informed much of the work and the stories I tell. My work is often multi-sensory and immersive. I like experimenting with form and enjoy creating work that can be experienced intimately yet collectively. Since working for a museum I have developed a growing passion for arching, and deeply enjoy finding new and creative ways of preserving history and heritage.

I attended Central school of speech and drama, studying on the Collaborative and devised theatre course. This has shaped my collaborative nature as a maker and producer. One of my most recent works is Sonic Pho, an audio dining experience, commissioned by New Earth Theatre. My practice has also been heavily influenced by headphone verbatim theatre; I have been involved in making and performing in a number of shows. My most recent co-creation was a film called Looking for you, exploring the global experience of Mothers and daughters within the Vietnamese diaspora.  

For much of my career, I have worked closely with Vietnamese, ESEA and global majority communities, making work with and for them. I discovered a love for working with non-theatre-based people and have since continued to pursue this passion by working as a producer for The Dukes theatre, HOME Manchester and The museum of the home. It has given the opportunity and space to be a change maker, and improve the equality and diversity of the creative industry. 



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