"Theatre is a visual and vicereal megaphone, its an intense journey with strangers who become family, it's discovery, its possibility and empowerment"

God composed the body that there should be no divide in the body, but the same care for one another. If they were all one member, where would the body be?

Unity and Diversity

So who am I? and what is my work about? Since the age of 7 I was captivated by the power of theatre, from a simple TIE show that toured to our local primary school. My parents were Vietnamese boat people, so we had little opportunity to engage with Arts and culture. However it so happened to be the very language that speaks the loudest in my family today. 

I've grown up in a world of rice, noodles and roast dinners all rolled in to one, making me a hybrid of cultures; this informs a lot of my work. It drives me to find the serious, the intimate and the antidotal of these two worlds. I am currently focusing on telling more diverse stories from my cultural context, but admittedly haven't been able to untangle my feet from the narrative of war and migration, one day! My faith also plays a big part in my practice as a maker and producer. I look forward to making work that challenges stereotypes and reveals more of the unexpected about Jesus! My work is multi sensory; it delights me to discover theatre that is found in the unexpected; around a dinner table, in a laundromat or on street corners. For this reason I am drawn to making work that is moulded in to everyday life, is both intimate and collective.


One of my fascinations is the voice; from a young age I have been able to skilfully capture the nuances of all kinds of different voices. I thought this was just a party trick, but it lead me down the road of audio story telling, in particular headphone verbatim. A recent discovery of mine has been the written voice, I thought dyslexia meant this form of expression was off the table for me, however I have discovered some silky, poetic goodness pour forth from my mouth, so am currently exploring this through my next piece of work Sonic Pho with New Earth Theatre.

I did the drama school thing and plunged my life for 3 years in to the Collaborative and devised theatre course at Central. It definitely loaded me up with a bunch of devising skills, and has very much informed my collaborative nature as a maker and producer. In the early days of being spat out of drama school, like many panicked artists I was buried knee deep in ACE applications and badgering companies to give me a residency, luckily many of these pulled through.


My fascination with my Vietnamese heritage began when I was 21, it started as quest to understand my mother, but then spewed out into working in depth with Vietnamese and global majority communities. Here I discovered my love for working with non theatre based people, and thrived on empowering the less prominent. 

In 2018 I became the associate producer at The Dukes Theatre on the Sustained Regional Theatre programme. It was a shock to the system, and very a steep learning curve. But again it seemed to pay off and I went on to work for HOME in Manchester.


Now here we are, at The Museum of the home as the new community engagement producer, so far so good, had a few knocks and bumps, but it's been genuinely very rewarding and satisfying. I am currently looking at how I fuse my artistic and producer identities together

To be continued...