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the visitor

A refugee from Burma called Pearl Htoo (played by Julie Cheung-Inhin) has move into Tidemill Academy school for the week. How did she get there? And what's her story?

The Visitor is a uniquely designed audio tour capturing the story of one refugee and how she came to arrive in Deptford. Thirty pupils and teachers are taken on an audio immersive tour around their own playground, tunnels are transformed into boats and ball courts into camp sites - as they learn about the harsh realities of some of the real people turning up in their neighbourhood today.

The work was carefully adapted to the school curriculum by Jack Brown, a full package of worksheets and activities are available. The Visitor can be adapted and reimagined for any school in any area. 

Produced: Anna Nguyen & Jack Brown 

Design by: Anna Nguyen 

In partnership with: Tidemill Academy 

Sound design: Benjamin Grant 

Actor: Julie Cheung-Inhin

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