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Sustained Regional Theatre placement - Producer [The Dukes Theatre, Tamasha Theatre]

Director training in intercultural theatre

[Tamasha Theatre]

Central School of Speech and Drama

[Collaborative and devised theatre BA hons]

The Brit School Academy 


Haberdasher Askes Academy 

[Drama GCSE]



Event design


Arts and crafts

Teaching - Primary level 



Evaluation: Writing evaluations on completed projects and ensuring they accurately reflect the activity delivered.

Monitoring: capturing and carrying out adequate monitoring surveys for reports and evaluations

Negotiating: communicating with venues to negotiate adequate deals for touring.

Contracting: Contracting artists, creatives and staff using UK theatre contracts and organisational based contracts and managing external contracts from other venues. 

Invoicing: handling invoices from artists, creatives and other areas within the arts. 

Budgeting: Handling and managing 

budgets for all projects.

Documentation: I am a professional photographer and document all projects to support with social media, marketing and evaluations. 

Communication: I am a confident, friendly and professional communicator, which is essential for leasing with venues, partners, organisations, artists and more. 

Pastoral support: Offering professional pastoral support for artists engaging with longer term placements and ensuring they enjoy their experience with the theatre. 










Glory by Nick Ahad, a co-production with The Dukes, Red Ladder Theatre company in association with Tamasha [Sustained Regional Theatre placement, Lead producer, 2017 - 2019] 

Co-founder and Artistic director of Trikhon

Rice Paper Tales: adapted by Anna Nguyen, Children's theatre, a selection of Vietnamese folk tales [Trikhon Theatre, Producer & Director, Deptford Lounge, 2016]

A Dream from a Bombshell devised by Anna Nguyen, Verbatim, Producer & Director, Deptford Lounge, 2014]


Monthly all women's dance session: held at The Duke's theatre with the refugee and asylum seeker community [relationship building, cultivating trust, geographical awareness of the theatre, 2018]

Refugee open mic night: facilitating a platform to showcase local talent from this community with professional support [raising ambitions, artistic consultation and celebration, 2018]

One book one pen: a headphone verbatim show exploring education. The project extended to participants from the refugee and asylum seeker community [workshop facilitator, 2018]

The banner project: a textile's project in collaboration with Lancaster sewing circle and East Meets West international women's group; a series of workshops over 3 months accumulating in a exhibition for the women's suffragette movement [cultivating relationship & trust, integration into the theatre]

The Visitor: Produced and directed by Anna Nguyen; a sound walk mapping school playgrounds, guided audio tour for children to experience and learn about the life of a Burmese refugee [2017]

Hothouse, interactive treasure hunt: an interactive treasure hunt mapped to the local area; participants experience the powerful stories of ordinary everyday heroes in Deptford [Producer, 2016]

Anchored in London: Exhibition curator and researcher on the British Vietnamese experience [2014-2015] 

Shared lives shared experience: In collaboration with Refugee Youth; facilitating and creating a space for those seeking asylum or newly settled in the UK to find community and respite. Through a series of engaging theatre workshops participants explore and create their own narratives to tell the world [Producer, co-director, South Bank Center 2013]


One Book One Pen: Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith. A headphone Verbatim show exploring education both locally in Lancashire and globally [co -creator, headphone verbatim artist, 2018] 

The Talk: Created by Neela Dolzalova and directed by Kristine Landon-Smith. A headphone verbatim show exploring sex education [Headphone verbatim artist [2018]

I walk in your words: Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith. A headphone verbatim show exploring identity and cultural exchange [Headphone verbatim artist, 2017]

Le Ly Hayslip: Narrator for the book 'When Heaven and Earth changed places' on BBC Radio 4 [Greenpoint production 2014]

They call us Viet Kieu: Radio documentary on the 'Viet Kieu' identity and the vibrant, thriving contemporary art scene of Hanoi and Saigon [Greenpoint production, BBC Radio 4, Presenter, 2016]



During my time at The Dukes I identified and nurtured a range of artists at various stages of their career, including Refugees and Asylum seekers. Throughout the year I helped to design and shape the artist development programme with a strong focus on nurturing BAME artists:

Masterclass: Sourcing some of the best practitioners in the industry to deliver outstanding training to artists in the north west. 

Placements: Creating placement opportunities for developing artists on professional productions and projects.

Residencies: Supporting artists to develop their work via bespoke residencies and scratch events. 

Professional artist support: Connecting artists with the appropriate support; whether that's experienced practitioners, creatives or training.

Producing support: Supporting artists with writing grants and making bids. 

Bursaries: Ensuring that artists have the financial support to access training and other opportunities.

Casting: I have delivered numerous casting sessions for professional productions and other artistic projects.


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